Mary J Blige’s Charity Now Being called a Scam, It Owes $250,000!

The evidence is starting to slowly pile up that Mary J’s charity is a SCAM!

The charity is called FFAWN: The Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now. The charities co-founder is Steve Stoute, who is a reputable business man so I’m sure things will be straightened out.

For now FFAWN is standing for F*ckin Fake Ass Wannabe Nothing!


The first recorded incident of trouble comes from Mary J Blige’s fragrance called My Life.  She went on the HSN back in 2010 and in only 6 hours she sold 60,000 bottles.  The promise was that a $1.00 from each bottle sold would go to charity.  That’s $60,000 right?  Well FFAWN’s annual report for 2010 does not account for those monies or any for that year.

Late that year Mary J went on the Today show and promoted her charity,

“I just want to be one of those women to reach out and show women if I can do it, we all can do it,”

She bragged saying that she sent 25 women to college.

In May of 2011 FFAWN held a charity concert with some huge names including, Jennifer Hudson, Christina Aguilera and of course Mary J herself.  When the bands for these stars went to get paid, they were paid with bad checks.  Harvey Mars is an attorney hired by the musicians to collect the funds, he elaborated on the check situation,

“We got a whole series of checks — rubber,”

The musicians unpaid bill along with nonpayment penalties now exceed $167,000.


The latest of the charity’s troubles came way of TD Bank.  They filed a lawsuit for nonpayment of $250,000 after asking for repayment.  When the bank sent over the papers for the suit they found out that the address on file as FFAWN’s offices didn’t exist.  The address was actually that of Steve Stoute’s widely successful marketing firm.  TD Bank was told that the FFAWN offices were no longer there.


Back in the earlier days of FFAWN it was supported by heavy hitters like Jay Z, Will Smith’s wife Jada, and huge corporations such as Gucci and Walmart.  Mary herself is on record as only donating $25,000 herself back in the early years.

The group has allegedly hired a charity consultant, a forensic accountant and a law firm to help  sort things out.  Smart moves!!  If Mary has any common sense, she will follow Stoute’s lead and right the ship however if the charity is to continue it will be a nightmare trying to raise any kind of support.  Consider those unpaid bridges burnt.  Time to rename, reteam and regroup if you still want to show that “you can do it”, MJB.

[source  Photo: Inflexwetrust