Amber Portland Gets her Wish. The Teen Mom is Sentenced to 5 Years in prison, per Her Request

Another “Teen Mom” bites the dust.  Amber will be going to jail for 5 years! S**t just got real for the 22 year old.   Back in December she was arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance and probation violation.  During her court hearing she plead guilty and avoided jail time by entering a drug rehab program.

Her troubles started back in 2010 when she was arrested for battery charges when she beat up her baby’s father Gary Shirley.  For that incident she was given her original probation.

Amber quit the drug rehab program on Tuesday and she was given her original 5 year sentence. She got 3 years for the drug possession and 2 years for the probation violation.

The judge was no joke, despite her lawyers pleading her case she still got the five years, however she was credited with 120 days that she did serve in the rehab program.


This is actually what Amber wanted.  She basically said that the drug rehab program she was in, was just not working.  She was and still is hooked on the drug Suboxone.  She said rather then continue the charade and keep failing drug tests that she would rather just come clean, go to jail and be forced to quit cold turkey.

The danger in that strategy is that many times in jail you are exposed to other drugs and criminal behavior.  Although you might think her strategy is noble, it’s dumb, immature and irresponsible.  Her 5 year old child could possibly not see her mother out of prison until he’s 10.  What respectful mother would want that.

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