Jay Z Allegedly Threatens to drop Rihanna from Label if She Doesn’t Go To Rehab.

For some reason this story isn’t getting nearly the attention that I thought would.  My email was blown up as it does when anything Rihanna related goes down.

Apparently Jay-Z has had enough.  The straw that broke the camels back (no pun intended – Jay-Z’s likeness to Joe Camel was noted in a rap diss record) was when Rihanna missed a flight back from London.

I’m sure Jay-Z keeps up with the news just like the rest of us, and all the stories and tweets of Rihanna’ with the IV drip, being hospitalized for exhaustion, making it rain on strippers and all the antics of Ratchet Riri have come Jay’s way one way or another.

Closer Magazine was the first to report Jay’s unhappiness stating,

Rihanna has been out of control for months. She was supposed to catch a flight back to the UK last week, but she ended up missing it, which was the final straw for management,”

“Jay-Z hit the roof when he found out, and told Rihanna, ‘Go to rehab now or I’ll drop you from the label.’ She’s not happy, but she now feels she has no choice.”

“She’s reached breaking point. Ri says she’s physically and mentally exhausted and feeling lost. I think she desperately needs help and some time off – not just from work but from all the other stresses in her life too,”


When she missed her flight out of London Jay-Z pardoned her and let her have a day off, Rihanna tweeted at that time,

“So ummm…. I’m supposed to be on a plane rt now! #r,”

“JayZ saved me!!!!! I got an extra day off sorry @HiHatprod,”

There was no mention of Rehab or label dropping.

Despite several credible news stories reporting out on this story, including yahoo news, There has been no official statements made by Jay-Z and Rihanna’s twitter doesn’t mention it yet or the story.  My only skepticism comes purely in the form of cash.  Rihanna is huge right now and is a cash cow.  Threatening her would only push her to leave the label and that surely is not what Jay wants.  How big is Riri?

She is the 2nd artist to cros 2.5 billion views on Vevo,

Rihanna has more fans online than any other artist. 57.1 million on Facebook and 20.2 million on Twitter = 77.3 million!

All of that equals cold hard cash.  Not sure if any record company would be so eager to give that up.  Now we wait and see if Riri responds to these claims.

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