Louis Vutton Uses Muhammad Ali for its New “Core Values” Ad Campaign

In a surprise move Louis Vutton has decided to use boxing legend Muhammad Ali for a new print ad.  The three time World Heavyweight Champ is the new face of Louis Vuitton’s Core Values travel line.  The first promo shows a very strong shot of Ali with his real life grandson, Curtis Muhammad Conway jr.  The bag shown in the ad is the Louis Vuitton “Keepall 50” and will run you a cool $1,525.

The photo work was done by world famous photographer Annie Leibovitz and will begin running this Friday.

The Core Value Ads for Louis Vuitton have one many awards in the past.  The list of selected icons came from the LV executive team and their personal selection of heroes.  The short but prestige list included Andre Agassi, Sean Connery, Catherine Deneuve and Ali.  The CEO and several others chose Ali.

.Yves Carcell, the CEO of  Louis Vuitton explained why Ali was chosen to represent the brand,

Muhammad Ali is the epitome of an outstanding personality – a true living legend in boxing and far beyond. We are honored that he agreed to be photographed for the Core Values campaign, and delighted with the way this beautiful portrait of the champion and his grandson captures the idea of transmission, which is of great significance to Louis Vuitton.”

The amount that Ali was paid was not disclosed however the deal took many many months to negotiate and that negotiation included the photo being shot in Ali’s backyard and his grandson being included in the ad.  The link in the ad is:

Vuitton has a history in using high profile celebrities who endorse very little, Ali definitely fits that bill.

  • 2012: Muhammad Ali
  • 2011: Angelina Jolie
  • 2010: Mikhail Baryshnikov with Annie Leibovitz; Pelé with Diego Maradona and Zinedine Zidane; Ali Hewson with Bono
  • 2009: Buzz Aldrin with Jim Lovell and Sally Ride
  • 2008: Keith Richards, Sean Connery; Francis Ford Coppola with his daughter Sofia
  • 2007: Mikhail Gorbachev, Catherine Deneuve; AndréAgassi with Steffi Graf
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