Miami Heat v Oklahoma City Thunder – Game One

Jessica Sanchez Starts off the NBA Finals with her Rendition of the National Anthem! [video]

Watch American idol runner up Jessica Sanchez sing the national anthem during the first game of the NBA Playoffs.  This is the 2nd time in less than a week she’s been on Anthem duty.  She also sung during the Paquiao – Bradley fight where Bradley went on to beat Paquiao in one of the biggest boxing upsets in recent history.

If Sanchez wasn’t a sports fan before she is now.  Before yesterdays’ NBA finals game one of her twitter followers asked her who she had picked to win and her reply was

“im all about thunder tonight! ;)”

That turned out to be a solid pick.  Thunder rained on the Miami Heat 105 to 94 to take the first game of the series.  I wonder if she also picked Bradley.  She might have missed her calling,

Here is Sanchez starting things off,

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