Matthew McConaughey Puts new Bride back to Work, Camila Alves Lands Macy’s Modeling Contract.

Macy’s has selected Camila to be their brand ambassador for I.N.C. International Concepts, the company’s new private label brand.

Alves last steady gig was host of Bravo’s Sheer Genius back in 2010, she took this opportunity to partner with Macy’s very seriously.  She told WWD,

When Macy’s approached me about this, I told them we need more than a meeting in New York. I had the team to my home in Austin, cooked some food and had some wine. They’ve got to really like me — it’s a big partnership.”

Nancy Slavin, Macy’s Senior Vice President of Merchandising also told Women’s Wear Daily,

“Camila has a beautiful, multiethnic appearance that will appeal to a diverse customer base. She’s on the red carpet, but she’s also a mother,”

The Brazillian born model, Alves is a 30 year old mother of two.  Alves and her mother also have a handbag line.  Their high end bags are carried by Nordstrom and their lower end can be found on QVC.  Alves has a networth of $2 Million; in contrast her husband  Matthew McConaughey is worth $65 million.


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