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Brad Pitt’s Brother Stars in Virgin Mobile Ad – But the Ad Sucks!

The first thing that grabs you about this ad, is that Brad Pitt’s brother certainly looks like Brad.  At first you aren’t even listening to what he’s saying, you are just thinking,

Damn! He looks like his Brother

Then if you are a guy you are wondering if he was able to nail a ridiculous amount of chicks being Brad’s brother and looking like him……if you are a chick, you are probably wondering if you cut his hair and dressed him up right, would he look exactly like Brad…….Then slowly you start to pay attention to the commercial.

The spot basically takes a glimpse at Brad’s brother Doug as he lives a super regular life.  So regular in fact,  that he makes my life look almost as good as I tell everyone it is on facebook.

Besides the guy living in a decent house in a decent neighborhood, he’s does a great job at looking just as boring as someone who looks like Brad Pitt could possibly be.  The guy does a great job.


I say the ad blows because you have no idea why you are watching this ad. What is this guy is selling.  There is one point where he is watching and describing his mini-van and you think to yourself,

Aha! Must be a mini-van commercial.  Brilliant!

If that was true, it would be brilliant.  He’s washing and describing the mini-van, he’s gassing it up….but it’s not a minivan commercial.  It’s a Virgin mobile ad.

It’s called “A Fair Go For All”.   I had to google it, because the commercial really doesn’t tell me much.

Basically they want  the consumer to know that you don’t have to be famous to get Rock Star Deals.  The website they want you to visit is: where they show you the ad and some “Celebrity Deals at Celebrity Brother Prices” .

The ad might go viral, but I bet less than .5% of the people who watch it visit the site.

Here you tell me if this ad sucks or not.


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