Alec Baldwin Donates $1 Million Dollars A Week After Getting Married

Getting married must put you in a generous mood.  Actor Alec Baldwin donated $1 Million dollars to the New York Philharmonic.  Baldwin is a member on the board and hosts the radio show called “The New York Philharmonic This Week”.

The donation is in honor of his good friend and retiring Executive Director Zarin Mehta who’s 12 year tenure comes to an end after this season.  Baldwin says that Meta made his dream of becoming part of the world of classical music come true.

Mehta said Baldwin’s “remarkably generous gift is just the latest in his steadfast and inspiring support” of the Philharmonic.

Baldwin with a net worth of $65 Million, makes about $300,000 per episode of 30 Rock but he says this money is a donation of his proceeds that he receives from the Capital One commercials.  What’s in your Wallet?


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