Feds Say Dr. Drew Was Paid By Glaxo To Talk Up Antidepressant ‎

Dr. Drew could use a little advice himself. He is facing allegations that he got paid $275,000 to promote Wellbutrin during his radio show.

This stems way back to 1999.  13 years ago when Dr. Drew wasn’t making as much money as he is now.  This was before Celebrity rehab, and Life Changers. In 1999, $275,000 would mean something to him.  That’s the amount he reportedly in two payments over two months.  The formal charge is

extolling the virtues of the antidepressant “in settings where it did not appear that [he] was speaking for GSK,”

He basically claimed that the drug Wellbutrin, would not only help depression but it would enhance your Libido.  Dr. Drew is specifically cited for saying,

“switching to or adding Wellbutrin is recommended for people experiencing a loss of libido,”

This was especially an issue because the drug was to be promoted for that use.

Drew was also on record as saying that Wellbutrin

“could explain a woman suddenly having 60 orgasms in one night,”

Drew is just a small link in the chain of offenses that Glaxo plead guilty to forcing them to cough up $1 billion for all of their criminal accounts.

Besides Dr. Drew’s illegal promotions, Glaxo themselves promoted Wellbutrin for weight loss, sexual dysfunction, drug addiction and attention deficit hyperactivity.  The FDA did not approve the drug for any of those uses.

By the way – Dr Drew’s networth is $260 Million


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