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Former “American Idol” contestant Corey Clark is suing MTV For $40 Million

Do you remember Corey Clark?  That was the guy who got bounced from American Idol back in 2003.  That was season 2!  He made it all the way to the top 10 before producers found out that he was facing three misdemeanor charges – one which included battery against his own sister.  He was later acquitted of two charges and plead guilty to obstruction of justice.

Clark has been a trouble maker for the show and it’s producers.  During the second season of Idol,  he alleged he had an affair with Paula Abdul.  He even went on ABC’s Primtime to speak candidly about his relationship with Paula but Abdul withstood a probe by producers and kept her job

“There was love there. It was a relationship for like three, four months. She told me she loved me. I told her I love her. Do I still love her? No. I’ve moved on. Do I love her as a person? Yes. Do I care about her? Yes.”

He said that Paula’s advice to him was the reason that he got ousted from the show.  He then went on to blame the show for stifling his music career.


Thursday he took things a step further, and went after MTV.  He filed a libel suit against the music industry giant for $40 million.

He claims that Jim Cantiello who is an MTV news personality attacked Clark and asked fans to boycott his music.  He claims that in a series of posts from 2007 to 2011 that Cantiello would refer to Clark as a degenerate and “alleged sister beater’

Clark also claims that Cantiello joked about Clarks fabricated relationship with Abdul.  So far no one from MTV has released a statement regarding this incident.


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