Former West Palm Beach Weatherman Arrested For Sex Acts With Two Young Boys!

Rob Lopicola used to be a popular weather man on WPTV in West Palm Beach.  He was good looking, well-built and a man’s man (so it was thought).  Back in 2006 when ratings were good, all the Palm Beach ladies loved him.  The problem is, he didn’t love them back.   He loved boys.  Young boys!

Lopicola preyed on young teenage boys and preferred them to call him Dad!  He has now been arrested for two separate instances, both jumped off from Craigslist.

The first incident was with a 15 year old boy he met in Boca Raton. Lopicola put out an ad in Craigslist that the kid answered.  The boy told cops he originally lied, telling Lopicola that he was 18.  Then he confessed that he was 15, which really pleased Lopicola.  Lopicola’s text response after hearing that his victim was young was,

“15 is perfect baby. 10th or 9th grade?”

The two wound up having sex in his car.  The two continued to communicate even as the boy moved to Michigan.  They texted back and forward extensively where Lopicola asked the boy for nude pictures which the boy complied to.

He moved in with his uncle and was reluctant to come forward  but after thinking it through, he thought that

“Robert probably likes real young boys and would hurt others if he didn’t’ tell.’’

The second incident the boy was 17.  His mom came home and found Lopicola hiding in the shower.  The 17 year old told the police he also answered Lopicola’s Craigslist ad and Lapicola came over his house for sex.

The teenager told cops he answered Lopicola’s Craigslist ad and that the ex-weatherman came over to his house for sex.  Lopicola’s sudden departure from the TV station in 2006 — despite high ratings and praise for his hurricane coverage — was never explained.

Everyone wondered what happened to Lopicolla after he disappeared from doing the weather.  He was a personal trainer a timeshare salesman and when he was arrested he was working as a stripper at a local gay bar.  Now he will be working on Bubba I the big house.


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