Vince Vaughn Green Lighted To Remake a 70’s Classic TV Show

Vince Vaughn is attempting to put a twist on the old school classic television show The Brady Bunch.  In the next generation Brady Bunch, the story will now follow the youngest male Bobby Brady.  He is now an adult with his own children and he marries a woman with her own kids and in a modern day twist, they have one kid together.

Also, in an accurate reflection of the times, their exes are still in the families lives, much different than the classic show where the creator Sherwood Schwartz was forbidden to address what exactly happened to Carol Brady’s “Baby’s Daddy”. The topic was never brought up on the show.

The new BB will be produced by the son of the legendary Sherwood Schwartz, Lloyd.  His father was the writer, creator and producer of Gilligan’s Island, It’s About Time, and Harper Valley PTA to name a few, so the Brady Bunch is in his blood.  So far there has been no cast announced.

The Brady Bunch will join a list of re-boots, some which have been successful and some that have been simply disasters.  Remember, Knight Rider, Charlie’s Angels and The Bionic Woman?

However there have been some remakes that are doing and continue to do well. CBS got it right with Hawaii Five-0 and the CW’s 90210 is still running strong.  The jury is still out on TNT’s Dallas but it’s at least on the air.

Let’s see what Vaughn can do with this classic.  As a Brady Bunch fan, I’m in for at least the first 2 episodes.


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