NFL star Chad Johnson bonds out of jail

Chad Ochocinco Johnson Fired from the Dolphins, Way Too Soon!

Oh Well.  That might deserve a second head-butt.

After Chad Johnson aka Ochocinco was released from jail, the Dolphins released him from his contract.  The six-time Pro Bowler, 1 time head butter is now out of work.

After Johnson was released from jail on Sunday, he had a meeting with Coach Joe Philbin and he basically jumped right to it.  He told the press,

“We’re going to deal with this, We’re not going to waste time. … We’re all in this thing together. Everybody that sets foot in this building, we’re all held to a high standard.”

The news of the official termination hit the media like a tweet, only 15 words:

The Miami Dolphins have terminated the contract of WR Chad Johnson, the team announced today.


Philbin said that he specifically talked to the team about getting into trouble and distractions in the Preseason,

I reminded them that on April 10 in our first team meetings, I said, ‘Guys, I’d love to stand up here and tell you we’re never going to have a problem here in Miami, Do we want high-character guys? Yes. All 31 other coaches are going to say the same thing. But I specifically told them on April 10 that there will be problems that arise and you have to deal with them honestly and openly and directly. You’ve got to learn from mistakes and move on, and you can’t hide from the problem.”

Basically this means that coach Philbin things Johnson is 100% guilty.

Surprisingly enough, Ochocinco has been described by even those closest to him as mild mannered and somewhat of a man child.  It’s interesting that the Dolphins would let him go so soon.  The head-butt is only an allegation at this point, not to mention Chad Johnson was in the running for the NO. 1 wide receiver spot.

Ultimately money is involved here.  I guarantee the NFL came down hard on Philbin to set an example.  The last thing the NFL needs are highly publicized wife beaters being idolized amongst the rest of the leagues controversy.  There are no-doubt wife beaters in the NFL but none who had the spotlight such as Chad Johnson.  Being the center of attention, that was his gift and also his curse.  At age 34, surrounded by this media scandal, it will take a brave NFL team to approach him now……or a desperate one.  Somehow I feel that he will be just fine.


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