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The Voice Keeps Things Interesting With New Twists for Season 3

NBC’s “The Voice” or as American Idol producers would like to call it, “The Gimmick” will be introducing a new bag of tricks for Season 3.

After having a very successful first 2 seasons leveraging the fact that contestants are blindly chosen based solely on the sound of their voices, super reality show producer Mark Burnett is digging into his bag of tricks to make Season 3 even more entertaining.

Burnett along with the other judges, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton held a press event at Burnett’s home in Malibu to announce the details.  There will be 2 new twists in Season 3.


After the blind auditions you move on to the battle rounds, where singers on the same team, go head to head in a pairing performing a song chosen by their coach.  The loser of the round in past seasons goes home.  In Season 3, instead of going home, the loser will be offered up to the other judges before going home, giving them a chance to live for another day.

Burnett said that “The Steal” so far has been very successful,

“It worked better than we hoped, It’s been a very kind experience. We try to create a very kind experience on this show where people who deserve to stay, have a chance to stay.”

Last season this would have definitely made things interesting because two singers definitely left the competition way too soon after losing closely fought battle rounds.

Each coach will have two steals to use.  If more than one coach wants to steal a contestant, then the singer gets to make the selection, similar to the blind auditions.

Show Host Carson Daly says that this will keep fans engaged in all the players all the time, similar to fantasy football,

“In season three, the DNA of the show is the same, but for the battle rounds, the torso of this format, we need to make a couple tweaks, It’s like fantasy football. You become incentivized to watch the entire league as opposed as to your own team.”


After the battle rounds are over, comes the knockout.  Each team will have 10 members down from 16.  During this round the singers get to choose their own songs, but do not know who their opponents will be until the day of the show.  Once their opponents are selected they must sit in the corner of the stage while their opponent performs and the coach will then select the winner.  This gets each team down to 5 members before the live shows start.

Burnett is a master of reality TV and keeping audiences engaged.  As a fan of the show I suspect these enhancements will only increase not only the experience for the contestants and the viewers but also increase the drama amongst the judges.

Season 3 of “The Voice’ will air on Sept 10 at 8 PM on NBC


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