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VH1 Cancels “Ev and Ocho”. Apparently Head Butting is a No-No.

The hits keep on coming for Chad Johnson.  Not only was he released from the Miami Dolphins last night, but now he has been released from his VH1 show, Ev and Ocho!

VH1 producers were in last minute production mode as the show was preparing to air on Sept. 3rd, but not anymore.  It appears that the brutal nature of “head-butting” your wife has just about alienated the 6 time NFL all-star from all things public including his own show.

The behavior, if Johnson is found guilty, is just appalling and distasteful therefore you risk a media backlash for any project moving forward with Johnson involved.  Evelyn was already a risk after her reality TV stunts on Basketball Wives and this incident just pushed VH1 over the ledge, which you have to admit, is very rare.

VH1 released a statement,

“Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series Ev and Ocho from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it,”

VH1 had 11 episodes of Eva and Ocho taped and wrapped, which included footage of their engagement and wedding.

This goes to show you that there is a heightened sensitivity to domestic violence.  Evelyn’s behavior on Basketball Wives has been nothing short of ridiculous.  She gotten into a physical fight with cast member Tami and threw a bottle of wine across a restaurant at cast mate Kenya.

VH1 not only aired these episode multiple times, but they came down hard on cast mates who sought legal help after being attacked.

I say either air the episodes of Ev and Ocho, or stop airing all footage of violent behavior……

Retract the 2nd half of that statement,  I say film and air it all.  F$%ck it!