Kristin Chenoweth’s Onset Injuries Prove Too Much to Continue Work on The Good Wife

Last month Kristin Chenoweth was injured on the set of “The good Wife” .  After a few tweets we all assumed Chenoweth would be recovered and back on the set.  We learned today that the injuries were so extensive, that she will not be returning to the show, she needs more time to heal.  She released a statement to People stating,

“It is with deep regret to inform everyone that due to my injuries, I am unable to return to ‘The Good Wife’ at this time, [I’m] getting better slowly, and thank you everyone for your concern.”


The accident happened during the filming of what would be the season premiere of the show.  A wind gust blew a piece of lighting equipment which struck Chenoweth knocking her to the ground, which she reportedly hit her head on.

There were pictures of the actress seen with a neck brace and strapped to a stretcher being taken away by EMT.

kristen Chenoweth, on ground, 3 men kneeling over her and paramedics


kirstin Chenoweth on the ground with a stretcher after Good Wife On Set injury


Kristin chenoweth jeans and t shirt strapped to a gourney being loaded in ambulance

The Show will still continue with some changes in the script to account for Chenoweth’s absence.  She was to play a political reporter who snoops into the marriage and campaign over the course of a few episodes.  This has been scaled back to include her work in the premier episode only.

Chenoweth released a tweet to her fans saying that she is “getting better slowly”.

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