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Why DJ Khaled Facing Eviction Just Really Doesn’t Matter.

Today we hear that DJ Khaled owes his landlord money and is facing evicton.  Not just a few months’ rent, but serious cheese  Khaled rented the place back in September and agreed to make two payments of $66,000 each.  The first payment was made, but not the second.  They retracted the deal so that $11,000 could be paid at once and then the rest a month later.  After failing to make the last payment of the remaining $55,000, Khaled  was asked to leave but has refused so the landlord is having him evicted.

This isn’t really news.  .

While it’s not entirely clear, what Khaled actually does on these mega hits, that he screams over, he is banking hard.  He has been a part of some of the biggest hip hop bangers in recent history but doesn’t write, or produce, instead he just “gathers” and gather he has done.  He has five studio albums and 3 platinum singles and one gold.

DJ Khaled is worth, believe it or not $30.5 million dollars.  Yes that’s an estimate, but he’s not only a DJ, producer and radio host, he is president of Def Jam South as well.

I’m sure he has a few homes and wasn’t thinking twice about this landlord or his apartment.  He has people who think about those things for him.  Filing the suit is just a way of getting Khaled’s attention which happens all the time.

I repeat, this isn’t really news.  .

Khaled’s heavily anticipated sixth studio album Kiss the Ring is due out August 21.


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