eddie-murphy lands Beverly Hills Cop CBS Pilot

Eddie Murphy Scores a CBS Pilot, Brings Axel Foley to the Small Screen

Eddie Murphy has had a tough time at the Box Office so he’s now moving to the small screen.  CBS has given him the go ahead to shoot the pilot for a Beverly Hills Cop TV show.  Before you roll your eyes, note that Murphy will be teaming up with the creator of “The Shield” Shawn Ryan.  For those who watched “The Shield” you know, that Shawn Ryan knows how to make a cop show.

The TV show will actually pick up where Beverly Hills Cop left off.  The Axel Foley character will be reprised, but he won’t be the main focus.  His son, Aaron Foley is now a police officer who is constantly trying to live up to the legend of his father.  Eddie Murphy will play the role as Axel in the pilot.  Axel is now 18 years older since the last time we seen him and 28 years older since the first time we were introduced to the character.  Believe it or not the Beverly Hills Cop movies were done in 1984, 1987, and 1994.  Daym – I feel old!

Apparently all four major networks wanted a piece of the pilot but CBS’s experience with crime dramas like NCIS and Hawaii 5-0, not to mention it’s previous successful relationship with Ryan with “The Unit” made them a natural front runner.

The show is intended to be an hour long and will being labeled as crime show with some elements of comedy similar to the major motion films.  There have been no talks yet who will play the role as the Aaron Foley, a decision which could make or break the series.

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