Revolution J.J. Abrams title page, promotional banner

NBC Offers J.J. Abrams Full Pilot for the New Show Revolution Online for Free

J.J. Abrams is back on NBC with a new one hour pilot.  This is his first show on the network since “Undercovers” which the network only ran for one season.  Revolution is officially set to premiere on September 17th, but NBC is serving it up to online viewers 11 days early.  You can go to NBC’s website or watch it on Hulu.

The show is centered on a brother and sister who are split while looking for their uncle Miles.  Miles is also being hunted down by the new government.  It seems that 15 years earlier there was a global blackout and Miles might have the key to what caused it and how to cure it.  All technology has stopped, so imagine a land with no TV’s, no computers, and even cars fail to function.  Now imagine 15 years of the modern world living in these powerless conditions.  Now mix that with a J.J. Abrams “Lost” like spin, Eric Kripke, Billy  Burke and Tracy Spirakos as your supporting actors and you quickly see why NBC is excited about the project.

Billy Burke who stars as Uncle Miles, says that it will not have too many twists, turns and timeline jumps like other Abrams produced shows.  He is confident that the viewers won’t be confused by watching it,

“For some reason, all forms of energy and power go out. Fifteen years later, people are trying to get along and trying to figure out how to reconnect and how to form new societies without any of those benefits. We cut back and forth a little bit in time, but it’s all pretty linear and very easy to follow and highly entertaining.”

As a fan of “Person of Interest” and the recently cancelled “Alcatraz” (which I thought was still pretty damn good), I’m hoping Revolution is a hit.  The only thing that worries me is the Hunger Games like feel….Will it be too close to Hunger Games without being Hunger Games?  Time to watch and see…..Here it is on Hulu and NBC.


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