Robin Roberts Party to Lift Spirts

Robin Roberts Checks In as She Prepares for Bone Marrow Transplant

Robin Roberts is my girl!  After the death of her mom, she fell somewhat quiet but not too quiet.  This Thursday is the big morning.  She gets her bone marrow transplant.  Just in case you were on another planet over the last few months, Robin Roberts was diagnosed with myelodypastic syndrome which is a rare blood disorder that affects the bone marrow.  This is why the bone marrow transplant is necessary.  In preparation for the surgery she has undergone chemotherapy.

On her blog, Roberts posted,

“So today is my last day of chemo, Wednesday is called a day of rest, yay, right! The transplant is scheduled for Thursday morning.”

Roberts sister Sally-Ann will be the donor as the two were are a perfect match.

Roberts still has a lot of fight in her although the Chemotherapy treatment hit her body hard.  She admitted,

“The start of last week went well but the daily chemo/treatment caught up to me by the weekend. My body is so weak but not my mind.”

Roberts had a party to last Sunday at her apartment to lift her spirits, the picture above was taken from that joyous occasion.

With just one day away, get your prayers and best wishes lined up because Robin will need and appreciate them all.   You can follow her progress via her blog: Robin Roberts Blog