Jesse Tyler Ferguson and justin Mikita video

Modern Family Star Jesse Tyler Ferguson is Engaged – to His Boyfriend!

Just in case you didn’t know, Jesse Tyler Ferguson is Gay in real life, and now he is engaged.  He recently announced the news appropriately in a video released on the website for “Tie the Knot”.  Tie the Knot is a foundation that promotes marriage equality.

In the video posted , the couple can be seen wearing bow ties.  This isn’t just a fashion statement, but a symbol that the organization uses to symbolize “Tying the Knot”.  Get it?

Justin Mikita is a lawyer by definition.  He and Jesse Tyler Ferguson have been dating since January of 2011.  According to Mikita’s Linked In profile, he hasn’t done much lawyering since meeting Ferguson.  He was a feature legal clerk for Universal Pictures, a job that ended in May 2010.  October of the same year he began to work in nonprofit for the American Foundation for Equal Rights

Ferguson and Mikita actually founded “Tie the Knot” together and Ferguson has turned fashion designer by designing a line of bow ties that will sell online for $25 to promote the cause.  The ties will be available at popular tie selling website

At age 27, and with a fiancé who makes an estimated $65,000 per episode, Mikita can concentrate on running their foundation.

Their engagement video was a nice way to introduce the foundation on a large scale to America.  During the X minute clip Jesse says they are just like any other couple,

‘We want our interpersonal relationship to be acknowledged in a union formalized via a wedding ceremony,’

‘We’re just like millions of other Americans who want basic civil rights.’

I’m all for Gay marriage, why shouldn’t gay men be introduced to the joys of alimony!


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