Diddy Puts his Mid-town Manhattan apartment at the Park Imperial up For Sale

Puff is moving on…..out.  I guess you can’t go to much further up then a 66th floor DEE-LUX apartment in the sky.  Puff is selling his apartment at Park Imperial in Midtown Manhattan for a whopping $8,500,000.

Puff brought the place back in 2005 for $3,820,000, so he is looking at doubling his purchase price.  Just in this investment alone he would be making over $650,000 per year over the last 7 years.  Wouldn’t you love that salary?

That wouldn’t all be profit for Diddy, he had a lot of work done to the place. Can you say, “BALL SO HARD!”

It was originally three bedrooms and 3.5 bath and it’s now one big ass bedroom and 2 baths.  He has also thrown in a piano room and a media lounge.  I’m not even sure what a media lounge is, but I’m sure we wouldn’t mind lounging in there.

According to the listing, he has a marble foyer, and his living room is nearly 500 square feet.  It comes complete with a 9 ft flat screen TV set off by 2 full walls of floor to ceiling windows that overlook Central Park.

Diddy has been spotted looking at other residences around the area including a $16.0 million dollar duplex penthouse in TriBeCa.

Diddy’s other homes include a residence in Miami Beach, his infamous Hamptons home and a house in Alpine, NJ.  Like I said before, “BALL SO HARD”.

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