Kelsey Grammer Walks Out on Piers Morgan, The Reason Why is Still Being Disputed

Kelsey Grammer pulled a shocking move.   Minutes before he was supposed to be taping an interview with Piers Morgan, the 57 year old walked out! Apparently he saw a photograph of his ex-wife.

Grammer made up his mind that he was not there to answer any questions about his ex-wife nor would he.  Once he saw the picture – he was OUT!!

Piers was shocked and began a relentless twitter tirade against Kelsey – and rightly so.

Then Piers finds out why he left and blast another tweet!

Piers even says that he had no intentions of mentioning his ex-wife.

I like Kelsey Grammer personally, but this was a shockingly unprofessional thing to do. I wasn’t even going to mention his ex-wife!

Kelsey’s people say different. A source told he Huffington Post,

“Before the interview was scheduled it was made clear that Kelsey would answer all and any questions including those about his ex wife. His only request was not to show any images of her. Just before the show went live, Kelsey saw a test of the opening and it included an image of Camille. Publicists asked producers that it be removed and were assured it would be before the show went live. At 9:00pm we were all sitting in the greenroom and saw no change’s had been made. That’s when Kelsey and his team left,”

This is a claim that Piers also took to twitter to deny,

This is why we love twitter! Unfortunately for Kelsey, he is the loser, and Camille ends up being a winner.  Despite pics released this week of her looking fabulous in a bikini, she gets to read how her husband still cares about her so much, to the point he is storming out of interviews.  Weather they flashed the picture of Camille or not – the very thing that Kelsey was trying to avoid, which was giving Camille anymore publicity, he managed to accomplish.  Well Played Camille – Looks like Kelsey ain’t over you yet!

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