NYPD Releases Lindsay Lohan “Hit & Run” Video Footage!

We heard about the arrest, now we get to see the crime.  Surveillance video of LiLo performing a hit and run has been released to the public.  The issue is, “You can’t see anything”!

The incident happened as Lindsay was pulling into the parking garage of the Dream Hotel in New York.  You can see her Porsche Cayenne pulling in and a guy in a plaid shirt doing something.  What that “something” is, is very hard to make out from the quality of the video.  He is either jumping out of the way, or getting bumped out the way but it’s hard to see if she actually hit him.  Even if she did – she barely nipped his ass.

The man identified as Jose Rodriguez ran after the car. Rodriquez said that he smelled alcohol on her Lindsay’s breath a claim that she disputed.

Lohan was arrested for fleeing the scene of an accident when she came out of the hotel later at 2 a.m.  She was released and has to appear in court on Oct 23rd.  Lindsay’s rep Steve Honig denies that she hit anyone and the from the look of that video he might be right.

This issue is huge for Lindsay because this is a probation violation and could result in jail time.  I think it’s time to find Jose and offer him some “Hush” money, but then again from the looks of that shotty video, if her lawyer is any good, all of this will go away.

What do you think – Did she hit Jose?


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