Pitbull’s video Banned from British TV

Why is Pitbull’s Video for “Don’t Stop the Party” Being Banned from British Television?

Pitbull’s newest video “Don’t Stop the Party” is getting banned from British TV!  Pittbull released the video for the single just weeks ago on October 26th and it has sparked quite the controversy with the Brits.


The video was cited for having malicious and suggestive content and heavy petting, simulated sexual acts and prominent advertisement for vodka.  Hmmm…as a responsible blog owner, I had to do my research to make sure that these allegations were indeed true.

Off to Youtube I go!

The David Rousseau directed video is everything that it was alleged to be.  Heavy petting, more than half dressed women, some are actually nude, good music and more.  The brand of Vodka they are referring to is Voli which Pitbull can be seen holding and pouring in several shots.  This is because Mr. Worldwide is not only the official spokesperson for the drink but he owns shares in the company.

The issue with that is the product placement violates regulations about alcohol and sexual content.

Thank God for Youtube.  The video as posted below can be seen and apparently has been as it reaches almost 5 million views.  Unfortunately I was forced to watch it a few times just to make sure that I understood things correctly.  Blogging is a tough job.

Pitbulls album,  “Global Warming” is slated to be released on November 19th.

And now I bring you……Pitbull in what I like to call “the Luckiest man on the planet”