Chris Brown on Power 106 FM with Big Boi

Watch Chris Brown’s 9 Minute Interview, the day after Rihanna confirms They are Not Dating

A day after Rihanna gave her Facebook Live interview, it’s Chris Brown’s turn to weigh in on their status.  It appears that they are both on the same page….he also confirms that they are indeed not dating.

During Rihanna’s interview, after revealing that the two are no longer officially an item, she said she likes to keep some things to herself

“When it gets to my music, I’ll give and I’ll give, and I just feel like I need to keep a little bit for me that I get to decide.”

Chris Brown took this opportunity to go on the morning show with Big Boi.  In the 9 minute clip, he talks about his relationship with, or non-relationship with Ri-Ri.  He also talked about the webisode that he released revealing that he is in love with two women – one of course being ex-girlfriend Karrueche and the other Rihanna.

Big Boi also gets him to reveal other things that I know you care about such as who does he think he looks better then and who he thinks he can dance better than. ….two things I know you are dying to hear the answer to.  (No Really – I personally think he’s surprisingly boring).

I now bring you Chris Brown in a video I like to Call: “MEH”