Super Head Denies Rating Her Lovers and Rejects Rumers That she is Joining Basket Ball Wives L.A.

First thing first, there was a rumor going around that Superhead aka Karrine Steffans would be joining he cast of basketball wives.  I’m sure you were thinking exactly what I was thinking, “She’s not the wife of a basketball player” although she did let Shaq smash it (more on that later).

The rumor was started by some website called HipHopMorning (Yeah…) and the site was quoted stating

“Karrine was not initially interested, but when they came correct with the right money [and are allowing] her to promote her next book, the offer was tough to turn down.”

After that, a ton of other sites followed suit.

When Karrine was confronted on twitter about the rumor, she was direct and to the point.


She also denies  that.  Rolling Out Magazine is running a story stating that Steffans rated 15 of her lovers.  They hooked up a little picture slide show with 15 of Karrine Steffans so called bed conquests[more…] where she gave a 140 word or less account of what she thought about the performance of each of them.  Some comments were flattering and some were just straight up cold!  Steffans denied that she gave these ratings and even said that some of those celebs mentioned, she doesn’t even know them.

I respect her, and take her at her word however, it’s so damn entertaining so let’s just take a look at the list and laugh our butts off.  It’s Friday.

Here is the list as “falsely” presented in rolling out Magazine.

  • Ja Rule: his wife was a gullible dope.
  • Ice T: easy-to-fleece sugar daddy.
  • Shaq: was generous.
  • Bobby Brown: a hallucinatory drug addict she used to have to slap crazy.
  • Usher: a disrespectful jerk.
  • Diddy and Xzibit: as possibly on the down low.
  • Juelz Santana: It was good. He likes to pull hair a lot, and he actually likes it better when a girl rides.
  • Young Buck: He was the best I ever had. The sex lasted for hours at a time. It was the best I ever had and it got better each time.
  • Jay-Z – You can’t stand looking at him when he’s on top.
  • Pusha T’s breath stinks.
  • Trick Daddy – full of energy.
  • Mos Def – His breath stinks.
  • Too $hort – talks to much s— in bed.
  • Q Tip – He has an a–hole personality.
  • Mase – he has an a–hole personality too.
  • Wyclef – his breath stinks.

I would say they are lucky to have smashed that, but when you look at that list, who would want to follow Trick Daddy??  No me!  Even if the Head was super.

Karrine Steffans Net Worth is; $8.5 Million