Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue Cancelled! ABC Does Some Pre-Thanksgiving Day Cutting

Just in case you were planning to relax this upcoming holiday and unload your DVR and watch all of your recorded episodes of Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue , I am cautioning you that it’s over for both shows.  It’s a wrap.

ABC will let both shows air all 13 episodes that were shot allowing them to finish out the Season.

Last Resort had an uphill battle to start.  It was a very male oriented show in a very female oriented network.  Let’s face it, the show was about a nuclear submarine, and Andre Braugher is a great actor but far from “Hot”.  Thursday is big money for ABC and if you are not pulling in great ratings then you are toast.  Last Resort was averaging 7.3 million total viewers and last week was its lowest rated week with just 5.8 million people tuning in.  In my opionion I thought the show as doing well compared to Grey’s Anatomy, which pulled 8.8 million and Scandal that brought in 6 million.  Charlie’s Angels, Missing and My Generation were all shows that fell fate to the “Thursday@8” monster.


666 Park Avenue had it a little easier but Sunday at 10 PM is no picnic either.  The drama averaged only 5 million viewers and in its latest outing only pulled in 4 million.  The network thought 666 Park Avenue would be a great replacement for Desperate Housewives but it never generated nearly the same about of buzz.

ABC still has newcomer Scandal performing[more…] well, and rumors are that Nashville is on the bubble.

666 Park Avenue had a great cast, great storyline but the number “666” in the title drew some concern.  I think the 666 prevented people from even tuning in.  Last Resort was just good TV.  I thought and average of 7 million viewers was not bad, but at the end of the day it’s a business. You would think a shuffle of timeslots would happen before a cancellation but I’m not a network head, just a TV fan.

Caution to ABC, it’s getting hard to fall in love with a show because they are here today and gone tomorrow.  That might have something to do with low ratings.