Watch Kat Williams EPIC Meltdown, Live On Stage!!

There is nothing to say but this was a classic meltdown. Unfortunately this has become the standard for a lot of comedians.  I’m not sure what he was on, but for fans who paid anywhere from $33 to $94 they didn’t care what he was smoking, they just wanted their money back.

Williams took stage at about 10:40 P.M.  He was nothing like the Kat Williams that fans fell in love with.  This Kat Williams was not full of energy.  Instead he sat on a stool slumped over and at one point he walked back and forth doing a freestyle rap that went on forever.  It didn’t rhyme, it wasn’t funny and at times it was incoherent.

The show was only 10 minutes long and fans wanted their money back.  One of the arena security guards said regarding the show,

“It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,The whole show went really well (before Williams’ main set). … It was a packed house, and everyone was really satisfied with the show” up to that point.

At one point he challenges someone in the audience to a fight.  He tells the heckler,

“Jump the fence p*ssy, Wait for me. Take it to backstage, I’ll fight you n*gga straight up. And bring his b*tch too!”

Williams gets so rowdy that his own guards have to remove him from the stage.

Too Short, who performed prior to Williams performance grabs the mic and tries to seelt the crowd.  Short says,

 “On the real though that’s my n*gga Katt he’s a personal friend of mine, My n*gga is on something, he’s extra loaded. He got too high in Oakland. You ain’t gotta forgive my n*gga, but you do gotta understand. Y’all just as much to blame as he is. That n*gga is sky high. We can’t cover it up… my n*gga loaded. Talk sh*t about it. Go to Twitter, but we still got love for Katt Williams.”

Nice try Too Short, but it was Too Late.  Fans wanted their money back.