Gangnam Style Breaks Another Youtube Record, Blowing by Justin Bieber’s “Baby”!

I’ve tried my best to stay away from the whole Gangman phenomena.  It’s reached a point where you can’t hide any longer and it continues to break all kinds of meaningless records.

Ok- meaningless “to me” records.

Now I am forced to give PSY his props because he has dethroned the Bieb.  PSY’s video has more than 808 million views, blowing by Justin Bieber’s video for “Baby” which only has 804 million.

It already took the most “liked” video record with 5.4 million likes back in September.

Although I called the record meaningless, you and I both know that’s not true at all.  Youtube views mean notoriety, social media power and of course both of those equal money.  Guinness also tracks these stats and Youtube views qualify as a World Record.  Guinness released a notice to PSY stating,

‘In years past it was unthinkable that something would be viewed a hundred million times, and now Gangnam Style has achieved more than twice this figure in just three months on YouTube. PSY, your certificate is waiting here at our office, come pick it up any time!’

Yeah, that’s the sick part.  It’s only been uploaded three months ago.  With PSY’s performance at the AMA with MC Hammer and all of this recent publicity regarding it breaking records, this very well might be the first video on Youtube to reach a billion views.  Currently it’s pacing about 6 million per day.

PSY is only 34 years old. Gangnam is an area of South Korea similar to Beverly Hills, where people are over the top trendy and rich.  PSY grew up there, his father being the executive chairman of DI Corporation, a manufacturer of semiconductors.  Gangnam style was intended to poke fun of that lifestyle. He says that the video was never really targeted for the US fans and his goal was to just look uncool throughout the whole thing.

I believe he achieved this as well. He’s actually managed to make uncool, cool.  At least for now.

Of course, I must include a link to the video – which I have still not watched!!