Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account after Vulgar Exchange with Virtually Unknown Comedian!

Twitter continues to show us on a daily basis that celebrities are real people with real emotions and that when pushed can say just about anything despite the damage that can be done to their brand.

Chris Brown has been doing his best to stay out of trouble but trouble found him.  He sent a tweet out commenting on his appearance saying that he was looking quite old,

‘I look old as f***! I’m only 23…’


In steps Jenny Johnson.  Despite having over 300,000 followers, very little can be found on Johnson besides the fact that she is an avid twitter user, and comedy writer and that she can be quite vulgar herself.

This time Johnson did a good job at baiting C-Breezi in, and then playing the victim.  This might be the first time I’ve sided with Brown, maybe ever.  Let’s not forget, the man is only 23 and these are the kinds of things a 23 year old says when verbally attacked, not to mention he is slightly funny.  I will let the exchange speak for itself.

Well Jenny, you have now found a new way to increase your twitter followers.

[more…]You can hate on Chris Brown all you want but in the end, he still has the money, the looks, the girl and the life.

After he deleted his account, he was like,