Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s Diet Details Revealed. Download Your Copy Here!

Just when it looked like Jessica Simpson wasn’t going to lose any weight at all, she started to shed the pounds faster than a contestant on The Biggest Loser.

TMZ was the first to get their hands on Jessica Simpsons’ top secret diet including her detailed menu plan.  The menu is all based on the Weight Watchers point system and was specifically created for Jessica by her private chef.

The Jessica Simpson Smoothie Phase!


In order to get her metabolism kicked off, she started with a 15 day smoothie diet starting with 3 smoothies a day and then dropping to 2 and eventually 1.

  • Day1 – Day 5:  3 Smoothies and 2 Snacks
  • Day 6 – Day 10: 2 Smoothies 2 Snacks and 1 meal
  • Day 11 – Day 15: 1 Smoothie, 2 Snacks and 2 meals

After the 15 days her eating habits then transition to a more normal diet consisting of whole healthy foods.


Now everyone is complaining that she lost the weight too quick? Really?

I get that weight watcher recommends no more than 2 pounds per week and they cut that in half for breast feeding moms.

Simpson has lost more than 60 lbs in 16 weeks.  That’s a little more than 2.5 lbs per week, so everyone can relax!  Sit the F*ck down and let her do her thing.  The weight loss recommendations are for the general public.  They don’t apply to people with a net worth of $100 million dollars. (That’s right, she’s worth $100 million.)  She has a personal chef and I’m sure she’s under the constant supervision of a nutritionist.

Let’s not forget, she’s had a commercial to film for weight watchers.  So all you fat housewives, overweight bloggers and office women with the granny panties, fall back and let Ms. Simpson do her thing.  I know you would love to see her back in the mom jeans, I pray we will never see that again.

Long live the Daisy Dukes.

Here is Jessica Simpson in her  1st Weight Watchers Commercial.  She still has her face.   DOWNLOAD HER DIET HERE