Katt Wiliams Cries on the News While Announcing His Retirement on The Street of Seattle.

In other crazy-ass Katt Williams news, the comedian announced that he was retiring from stand up today during an interview he gave on the street.  The clip was actually shown during a broadcast on WKYS News 4.  This is the most publicity Williams has probably ever received.  The news caster does a great job of summarizing the antics of Katt Williams over the last few days which include:

  • Getting kicked out of his South Lake Union hotel
  • Arguing with restaurant customers
  • threatening the  restaurant manager with a pool cue
  • Throwing a lit cigarette in a car with a family in it, hitting a woman in the face
  • Throwing a rock at that car
  • Assaulting fans after his performance on Friday

and the list goes on…..

Here is the clip. Trust me, he’s not done with Stand up, but he is done.  Pimp Down!