New Poll says Seinfeld named Funniest Comedy of all Time – I call Bull!

The results of a new poll done by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair have voted Seinfeld as the funniest sitcom of all time, followed closely by “The Honeymooners”.   Here is how the top 7 rounded out:

  1.  Seinfeld: 22%
  2. The Honeymooners: 20%
  3. Friends: 16%
  4. Cheers: 14%
  5. Arrested Development: 7%
  6. The Mary Tyler Moore Show: 6%
  7. 30 Rock: 5%

Here’s the problem with this list, why I agree with Seinfeld personally, the issue is the people who executed the poll.  “60 minutes” and “Vanity Fair”?  A quick look at Vanity’s Traffic Reveals that their audience is led by white, females with graduate degrees from ages 25 and up.

This is why you get the list that we see above.  Picking the funniest comedy of all time is a bigger task then some Vanity Fair poll.  You need to run the poll on a few sites that have a wide range of demographics or pull together several TV authorities into a consortium to discuss and argue the point until a list is flushed out.  Where is “Sanford & Son”, “King of Queens”, “Home Improvements”, “Roseanne”.

Remember we are not saying best comedy we are saying “funniest”, as in “Laugh out loud” funny.

How about Modern Family?  I love Lucy?  The Golden Girls?

I say take the list with a  grain of salt but the fact that your favorite isn’t on there doesn’t mean that it’s not funny, the list is just WRONG. does a good job a pulling together the list of “Best” sitcoms that I’m more likely to agree with.

What’s your personal choice?