Mark Staake and Nephew Tanner Ruane

The Justin Bieber Murder Plot Was Real. Two Men Assigned to Kidnap, Kill and Castrate Bieber and his Bodyguard

Two men from Albuquerque, New Mexico were going to stalk and literally kill Justin Bieber during his New York visit concert at Madison Square Garden. The men identified as Mark Staake age 41, and his nephew Tanner Ruanne age 23, were given the task to castrate and kill Justin Bieber and his bodyguard.

Staake was going to carry out the wishes as part of some sorted request made by Dana Martin. Martin and Staake met while they were both incarcerated at Las Cruces, a Southern New Mexican prison. Martin who is in jail serving 2 life sentences for murdering and raping a 15 year old girl, recruited Staake to carryout several murders including that of Justin Bieber.

Martin must have felt some kind of way because he eventually told authorities about the whole plot. He told police that Staake and his nephew were going to kidnap Justin and his bodyguard, strangle them with paisley ties, which is apparently how Martin kills people. Then he was to castrate them.

Martin’s confession of the murder plot which prompted the police to record Staake talking with his nephew after Staake was arrested in Vermont for outstanding warrants. During the phone conversation Ruane told his uncle that he was disappointed because he was not able to carry out the plans. Just in case you thought he was joking…..police picked Ruanne up in NY and found murder weapons and……a set of pruning Sheers!!

It’s still not clear why Martin tipped off police or why he wanted Justin dead in the first place. Martin is known to be a huge fan of Bieber, even tattooing his face on his leg. Maybe the thought of Justin actually being killed was too much for Martin to deal with.

After watching “Baby” on Youtube I might have wanted Justin’s balls cut off to, but never bad enough to do it. There has been no comment by the Bieber camp regarding this incident.