AP.9 Implies he Smashed coco

Did Rapper AP.9 Sleep with Coco? He Would Like You To think So. [VIDEO]

A week after photographs surfaced with little known rapper AP.9 and Ice T’s wife Coco, AP.9; is implying that he and Coco might have smashed!

TMZ, who is everywhere always, caught the rapper getting into his overpriced car and asked him a few questions including if he was worried about Ice T.

The TMZ reporter asked AP.9 if he was

Worried about any retaliation if Ice-T hears anything about you playing with his woman.

AP.9 confidently responds,

Man….I’m from the hood.  I ain’t worried about nothing.

From there the line of questioning goes to Coco and if AP.9 did indeed hit that.  The rapper does not deny or confirm but implies that something could have popped off.  Hmmm….

And now I bring you “A plate of beef served with a glass of Ice T”.