Pauly D Moving From MTV

Is Pauly D Moving Away from MTV? Yes, If the Check is Big Enough!

If you, like me were wondering how come Snooki and J-wow’s Season 2 was green-lighted and moving forward and nothing from The Paul D Project, which I thought was a much better show. TMZ is reporting the reason behind the treason.

They are saying that Pauly D might be waving good bye to MTV for a better deal on another network.

Rumor has it that E! is courting Pauly D big-time to join their team. He’s been in talks with the network regarding his own show, and it appears that they have a bigger budget then MTV. TMZ reports that Pauly has had 3 meeting so far and is close to signing a new deal. Insiders say that that the show will still be about Pauly D but more on his entire life instead of focusing on just his life as a DJ. (Arent’ they one and the same?)

E! is home to several reality shows including “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, “Married to Jonas”, “Mrs Eastwood and Company” and “Ice Love’s Coco”. A Pauly D show would be a nice addition to the line-up. Who knows, Ryan Seacrest could probably produce it. So far there have been no word from Pauly or his camp.