Michael Ealy Secretly Marries Longtime Girlfriend. They’ve been Married Since October!

Michael Ealy has done a good at keeping his private business private.  So good in fact he snuck off with his long time girlfriend and got married….October!!

After dating for four years, Ealy married Khatira Rafiqzada in a low-key ceremony in Los Angeles.

A rep for the actor released a statement today,

“Michael has always been a private guy, and he wanted to enjoy his time as a newlywed with his wife privately, Now that some time has passed and the holidays are here, he wanted to share the news with his fans that he is married and very happy.”

Who is Khatira Rafiqzada?  Good damn question.  The only think I could find after scouring the internet is that she could possibly be an actress with only one movie accredited to her called, “Chain Letter”.   There is literally nothing else.

Ealy has been in every black movie from Barber Shop to Think like a Man.  He’s been able do what many actors can’t, have success in both film and television.  Let’s see if he can continue to beat the odds of Hollywood and stay happily married.

Michael Ealy has a net worth of: $3 Million

Wait..WTF!  Only $3 million dollars.  The man has played in the Good Wife, Californacation, and recently in Common Law.  He has starred in just the last 5 years: Seven Pounds, Underworld, Think like a Man, Takers and For Colored Girls.  All that work and he’s only with $3 Million?? I’m going to have to disagree.