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Today’s Hoda Kotb Dumped by Lawyer Boyfriend Jay Blumenkopf. He Ended Things 6 Months ago!

We were all kind of feeling happy for Hoda Kotb and her relationship with her lawyer boyfriend Jay Blumenkopf.  She had me and all her fans convinced that she had found the real thing.  In fact, she said those exact words.  That she found he REAL THING!

The co-host of the fourth hour of Today, has battled and beat breast cancer and divorce and decided to take on dating.  Back in 2008 she even televised her plight into cougar-hood filming herself for her show being set up on dates.  After that segment ended, Kotb’s dating life had grown quiet until she met Jay.

Love with Jay Blumenkopf came by way of Jay’s daughters who approached Hoda for a blind date with their father during a book signing when they handed her a note that listed “10 reasons why you should go out with our dad”.   From then on, Hoda Kotb thought she found the one.

Early this year in February, Hoda was on Bethanny Frankel’s show when she confirmed that she was indeed head over heels about Jay.  She told Bethanny,

‘It’s the real thing. It’s the real friggin’ thing Bethenny. It’s the real thing. I found the real thing at 47.

‘The other thing was so not the real thing, and I thought it was…The fact that you can still feel butterflies at 47 is really cool.’

Now we are finding out that the two broke up six months ago.  That would be about 4 months after she was on Frankel’s show.  In fact Jay surprised Hoda by making an appearance on the show in August for her birthday, that means that the two were either broken up or breaking up, or the source who said they ended their relationship 6 months ago was wrong.

Radar is reporting that Jay was the one that ended things because he couldn’t see himself married to her.  OUCH!! Not what a woman wants to hear.

Radar reports,

Jay has the utmost respect and admiration for her and wishes Hoda nothing but the best.

‘The two remain on friendly terms, and anyone who knows Jay can attest to the fact that he would never discuss his relationship with Hoda in public, it’s just not who he is.’

At the end of the day, Hoda is successful, smart and a 5ft 7 inch exotic Egyptian-American.  The guys will be knocking if they haven’t’ already started.