Phaedra Parks Pregnan in Bathing Suit

Real Housewives of Atlanta Phaedra Parks and Apollo Announce 2nd Pregnancy.

Maybe this will put a hush to the rumors that Phaedra and Apollo are hitting a rough patch.  The two have announced that they are expecting a child.

This is no rumor as the news came from Phaedra herself.  Her and Apollo Nida announced the pregnancy exclusively to People where she provided a pic of her baby bump.  The picture is a recent one, taken while she is on vacation in the Bahamas.

This will be baby number 2 for the couple who had their first child Ayden 2 years ago.

From an outsider it appears that Phaedra and Apollo will be together for a while.  This year they launched along with their fitness DVD Donkey Booty.

As with anything Phaedra does, it’s all very professional.  Here is a clip fo the video.  It’s available at for only $12.95.  That’s actually not too bad!

Phaedra Parks has a networth of $2 Million.

Here is a clip from Phaedra and Apollo’s workout Video