American Idol Season 8 Winner, Kris Allen Involved in a New Year’s Car Crash.

American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen brought the new year in….in the ER.  He, his wife Katy Allen and their headlining dog Zorro were involved in a head on collision.

Allen’s mom hit twitter with attempts to keep his fans updated.  From the photo that she tweeted out, the accident and his injuries appear to be much worse then we know now.  His entire arm is surgically wrapped and his neck is in a brace.  She says that his arm is broken,

Allen then took to twitter himself to assure fans that he was indeed ok, and to drop some unexpected news.

He then minutes later revealed that he will also be a father this year.

It was not clear what injuries his wife sustained but he confirmed that he broke his wrist, but he also said that his scheduled tour is still on. That tour starts in Vermont in just 6 days so that will be interesting.

Allen is another American Idol winner to fall victim to the male curse. While all four female winners have kept their deals only one male has made it past their 2nd major release.

Kris Allen has a net worth of approximately $2.5 Million