Azealia Banks Not Apologetic for Homophobic Slur She Called Perez Hilton. See her Twitter Rant.

I have to admit, this is somewhat refreshing.  The rapper was pissed at Perez Hilton after he sided with Angel Haze who has been in a bitter feud with Banks for some time now.

To express her thoughts regarding Perez, she took to twitter, f

“omg u should just kill yourself… Like for real,”

“lol what a messy f****t you are.”

Before we go further, she also calls Perez the N word not to mention she is bisexual herself, so all of the anti-gay stuff has no merit.  Of course this doesn’t give her the right to say whatever to whomever, just like me being black doesn’t give me the right to blast the N word everywhere, but it does give her room for some leniency.

With that being said, Azealia took to her twitter to tell her fans not only did she know what she was saying…quite frankly, she doesn’t care that much.

The 21 year old insists that she doesn’t care, however I rarely send out 9 tweets about something that I don’t care about.  I’m just sayin!