Coco and Ap.9 Taking Pictures

Rapper AP.9: I Will Beat Ice-T’s A**, I Slept with Kim K, & I will shock the World this week

…..and he invented the Internet.

Kudos to Ap.9 for extending his 15 minutes of fame as long as he can.  He is turning those photos of him and Coco to the equivalent of a Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Weeks after the photo controversy and after Coco and Ice have gotten over it, AP.9 manages to find another media outlet to entertain his ego.  However, I give him some credit, he took advantage of the attention and let the Smack Talk fly.  Ice T has been careful not to engage with AP.9, knowing that he will just be helping the unknown rapper get more press, but it will be hard for the O.G. to ignore the most recent comments.

Ice-T don’t won’t no problems with me. I’ll beat his old ass.  You already know what it is. That n*gga don’t want no problems with me. I hope he listening right now. My n*gga, I will beat the sh*t out of that old a$$ man. I don’t know Ice T. Nothing against Ice T, I don’t know him. He threw his little shots at me on Twitter because of his wife. Come on man… I’m a real gangster. I done took 12 bullets. I done been through the whole sh*t. I’m well respected everywhere. I fear no man but God.”

He also implied that he had sex with Kim Kardashian, which doesn’t make him unique, it’s just something else to add to his attempt at furthering his fame,

I done already had Kim Kardashian and all them b*tches. That ain’t nothing new. That b*tch is old news. People that know me know I’ve already had that b*tch,”

At this point it’s more annoying than entertaining.  You don’t know what to believe.  Let see if he can deliver on his promise to shock the world this week.

Here is the latest interview..