Britney Spears Resigns from The X Factor

Britney Spears Hands in Her Official Resignation from The X-Factor

It appears Britney fired herself before they could get to her.  With all the rumors that Simon Cowell was going to give her a pink slip, the 31 year old decided to save him the trouble, and save herself the embarrassment and quit.

She released a statement to the press,

“I’ve made the very difficult decision not to return for another season.

I had an incredible time doing the show and I love the other judges and I am so proud of my teens but it’s time for me to get back in the studio,” she said. “Watching them all do their thing up on that stage every week made me miss performing so much! I can’t wait to get back out there and do what I love most.”

Difficult decision my ass!  Anyway…..

Rumors are flying that she is possibly heading over to Vegas to do a Celine Dion type of act.  Dion got paid $100 million a year to do her show at the Coliseum at Caesar’s Palace.  Spears and her team are hoping to get a similar act going.

If you watched the 2nd Season of “The X-factor” then you know that Spears was not worth the $15 million they paid her, something that Simon Cowell realized very quickly.  There were reports that she messed up some of her scripted lines and many times appeared to be disconnected from the show.  Audiences must have realized this because the season finale was down 18 percent from the first season.

Now that Spears is done, people will be caring less about what Britney will be going to do, and more about who Simon will choose for the next judges.  Don’t forget, LA Reid is out too, leaving the show with two vacant chairs.

Cowell has his work cut out for him.