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Karrine Steffans aka Superhead Releases Promo Video of her New Book – Do We Really Care?

Paper driven Karrine Steffans continues to shamelessly promote her upcoming book about her relationship with Lil Wayne.  The three time New York Times best seller will try again to get paid off of her sexual conquests.

The big question is, Do We Care?

I admit, 7 years ago when Confessions of a Video Vixen came out, it was a big deal. It was before the internet was rampant, and we really knew about the many indiscretions of celebrities.  Now we hear everything every day.  Especially me.  It’s really hard to shock people enough to buy a whole book when they can get most of it from the web, and attentions spans are almost non-existent.

This book boasts to be about her relations with Lil Wayne.  Steffans says that she has had this relationship in spite of her two marriages and all of Lil Wayne’s relationships.  She thought it was interesting enough for a book.

During an interview with Vibe Vixen earlier last year, she revealed just how close her and Wayne have been,

Wayne and I have kept a relationship through my two husbands, his three kids, three additional baby mamas, three of his albums, three of my books, three of his arrests, one year in prison and three engagements on his part. We are indestructible and I find it fascinating. I’m in constant contact with this person every day, every other day. He is a part of my being. I’m not me without him. He makes me very happy, [but] I couldn’t be with Wayne. I couldn’t live Wayne’s life.


In her new Promo video, she is dressed in a standard T-shirt and Panties and reveals that when she was married she was also pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby.  Again I ask – do we really care?

Here is the clip – If you are a guy it’s worth the watch just because she’s curvy and in her draws! If you are a girl, well, you already know what a hoe looks like, but you can take a second look just to make sure.