Jay Z and Justine Timberlake Suit and tie video

Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z debut Long Awaited Suit and Tie Video

This isn’t the best song on the planet but I think it has appeal for many reasons.  This is Justin Timberlake’s first song after 7 years and JT fans were starving for something…anything.  It’s produced by Timbaland and batting cleanup is none other than Jay-Z.

Besides all that, it has a flare of sophistication that hip hop and R&B has been missing recently. Let’s face it, Jay-Z fans, Justin Timberlake Fans and Timbaland fans are either nearing 30 or 30 plus.  Sometime there is a need for some grown and sexy.  I’m even writing this in my Suit and Tie.

I hate to keep using the word SWAG but let’s just say the video looks like it was produced by GQ. Jay Z is rapping in the mic sitting down.  Who does that!

See for yourself. Over 700,000 views in 24 hours. Not too bad.