Leonard cooper jeopardy

Watch Teen Jeopardy Winner Show you Can Have SWAG, A Sense of Humor and Still Win Big. [video]

Leonard Cooper  showed up like you would expect any other 17 year old to dress, casual pants, an over-sized long sleeve 3 button shirt and rocking a huge Afro like he just walked off the set of Welcome Back Kotter!  His two competitors were strictly business, all “nerded” out in their little suits, ties and huge glasses.

Not only did Cooper look out of place, he also looked out matched and out classed.

Did I just say “Out classed?”  Yep.  Like showing up for a job interview in sweats, but in reality, the other two contestants might have been over dressed.  However, the 2 to 1 affect gives the perception that Cooper was under-dressed and his sense of humor and demeanor gave the impression that he was also under prepared.  We would learn shortly that neither was the case .

Things looked a little grim for Leonard until he decided to put up nearly his entire bankroll by wagering $18,000 on a Daily Double.  He nailed that question and it put him far ahead of his competition.  So far ahead in fact, that during Final Jeopardy, if they bet their entire earnings they still couldn’t catch him.  Their only chance was hoping that Cooper would do something dumb while answering the Final Jeopardy questions.


”On June 6, 1944, he said, ‘the eyes of the world are upon you.’”

Knowing that at this point he couldn’t be stopped, Cooper wagered $0 but gave one of the most memorable answers in Jeopardy history, his card read,,

“Who is some guy in Normandy? But I just won $75,000!”

Alex Trabek could do nothing but laugh, congratulate the teen, and show him he money!  Watch the clip below of Leonard Cooper doing work.