Ne-yo admits He was married

Ne-Yo Randomly Confessess to TMZ that He Was Married Once at Age 19!

In what appears to be one of the most random confessions ever, Ne-Yo confesses to TMZ that he was once married.  The crazier part is that he was married at the young age of 19.

Ne Yo says that no one really knows because because no one every really asked.  He says the random TMC guy is the first person that every really asked him the question.

He was careful to admit that he wasn’t divorced but that the marriage was annulled.  He says,

The marriage didn’t work because I wanted to do this (pointing to the ground), and she didn’ want me to do this.  ‘[Music] is honestly the only thing I’ve ever loved, so I chose this over her. Now I’m here, and I don’t know where she is.’

Then he mocks her with a gesture as if to say, you could be Rich Beyatch!!

Ne Yo is now engaged to his baby’s mother whom he met in 2009 at a Jaime Foxx concert.  Ne Yo describes Monyetta as not having an Agenda,

It becomes like everybody has an agenda. She proved to me there is no agenda. She’s not trying to get money, fame or recognition.

‘She was beautiful. Through a couple of mutual friends, I got in touch with her and invited her to a big tour bus with a studio I was staying in.

‘We were hanging out and, you know, there’s always that stigma – ‘Will she like me? Is this gonna be a sexual thing?’

‘None of that was there, it was like I was hanging out with a person I’d known for a long time.’We became friends first – which was strange for me – really, really cool friends first. It’s rare when that happens.’

Ne Yo and Monyetta have two childerin together.  Madeline Grace Smith who was born on November 12, 2010 and Mason Evan Smith who was born on October 9 , 2011.


Ne Yo once thought he had another kid by a woman named Jessica White.

He found out that the child wasn’t his and still had to pay over $500,000 in child support because his name was on the birth certificate.

He reached a settlement with White in 2009 that included a non confidentiality agreement.  One that Ne Yo allegedly broke by telling the tale on a VH1 behind he music interview.  White has hired attorney Gloria Allred to “go in” on Ne Yo for more money.

Ne Yo’s current net worth is estimated at $16 Million