Donald Trump Photo bombed by Odd Future’s Tyler the Creator. Tweets his Reaction to the Pic

Donald Trump Photo Bombed

The Don was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this this week and was asked to take a picture.  What Trump didn’t know was that he was about to get photo bombed….big time. Tyler the Creator from Odd Future was in the back, getting’ his Bomb on.

Behind Donald Trump you can see Tyler doing a classic “shirt up, double nipple Rub”.  Tyler instagramed the photo – but better than the photo was the caption.

“Donald Musty Ass”.

When was the last time you used the world Musty?  You have to admit, that’s the perfect description of Trump these days.

Donald was a good sport.  Trump might be old, but he’s tech savvy.  He posted the picture on his twitter and tweeted out a defense insuring his fans that he had no idea that these shenanigans were going on behind him.

The Don is on his media circuit promoting his All Star Season of Celebrity Apprentice which starts tonight.