The Swatting Continues with Ryan Seacrest

What is going with this swatting sh*t? Every damn day there is a new celebrity who is getting swatted. I am still not even sure what exactly being “swatted” entails. Apparently, someone calls 911 and makes some outrageous claim that someone has a gun and gives them the address of a random celebrity. This results in LAPD sending out the “SWAT” team to the address of whatever celebrity the prankster chooses.

The prank has hits multiple celebrities including, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Tom Cruise, Rihanna, Diddy, The Kardashians, Simon Cowell, Ashton Kutcher, Miley Cyrus and now Ryan Seacrest.

According to local authorities, they received a call yesterday afternoon, “in which a caller reported that a group of armed men was trying to break into Mr. Ryan Seacrest’s residence. Upon arrival, officers made contact with private security at the residence and were told there was no trouble. Officers also contacted Mr. Seacrest and he also confirmed that everything was okay.” Police are currently trying to figure who is behind all of the prank calls.

What exactly is the plan with these calls? Is it so the police get so fed up with these calls that they just stop responding, and then when they stop responding, is that when the real robbers come in and f**k up some celebrity’s house? Sounds like it would be a good plot to a movie, but I’m not sure how that plan would actually work out in real life.